Anticipated Attending Studios Include…


Naughty dog

Sony San Diego

Blind Squirrel 

Crytek Studios

Decoy Games

Anticipated Speakers  Include…

Marianne Hayden

Ever heard of Uncharted? What about The Last of Us? Marianne Hayden animated for both of those projects.  

Not only does she animate, but she produces, acts, and is also a photographer.

Jeff Merghart

Character Designer, Concept Artist and Animator, Jeff has worked at all kinds of places. 

Walt Disney Animation Studios, Blind Squirrel Games, Carbine Studios and Sony Online Entertainment.  Jeff’s been around and is incredibly talented! 

Raquel Kasprzyk

A cinematic animator at Sony, and a graduate from UIW.  She’s worked on titles such as Death Stranding and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.  

Why Attend?

Want to get into the Game and Film Industry?

Start by attending this free conference and hear industry professionals speak on matters of interest.

UIW is dedicated to quality education

Our 3D program has been around for 20 years and we plan to be around a lot longer than that.  Learn from top talent in the industry which also have a passion to educate the next generation.


Our students move on to work on industry recognized projects such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Death Stranding and Marvel’s Spiderman

Schedule will be posted closer to the conference



45 Min Segments

SEC Building, Room #TBD

University of the Incarnate Word

San Antonio, TX | Broadway Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this thing?

Upgrade 3D is a conference for high school students interested in the game and film industries as 3D Animators, Model and Texture Artists, Programmers for games and Production Management.  We have invited professionals from those industries to come and speak on topics of interest.

The conference is being put on by University of the Incarnate Word, a private university in San Antonio, TX.

Who’s invited?

Junior and Senior High school students that are interested in pursuing education and work in the game and film industry.

How’s the conference/summit work? 

The conference will be running from 9:30am to 2:30pm on October 23rd, 2020. 

We will have four simultaneous presentations at the same time, simply attend the one that interests you!

Each session will be 45 minutes in length and there will be 15 minutes between talks to get to the next session and use the restroom.

How many attendees are anticipated?

The last time we held something like this, we had over 300 attendees.  We are restricted on how many people we can invite due to various concerns such as fire code, and structure capacity, so our limit is 300 this year.  

Is food provided?

Yes!  We will be providing a pizza lunch for all attending.  We ask that if you or your students have any special dietary needs that they bring a sack lunch.

Wait, what about COVID-19?

As of now, we are hoping to meet in person in October.  If we cannot meet in person due to COVID-19, we will still hold this conference in an online format and update this website with those details once things become more certain.

What topics will be covered?

Topics we will cover include but aren’t limited to the following:
Animation, modeling, concept, Women in animation, and Becoming a game Developer.

What topics will be covered?

Topics we will cover include but aren’t limited to the following:
Animation, modeling, concept, Women in animation, and Becoming a game Developer.

Will there be any talks for Educators?

Yes!  We will also be having some sessions specifically targeted at educators.

I have more questions!

Please us the Contact Us page so we can answer them!

That’s not all folks.

As there are further developments and updates, we will be updating this web page.  Please visit back periodically!