About Us


A conference for highschool students interested in the game and film industries

We’ve heard the requests for summer programs for high school students. 

This has presented a unique challenge for us since our professors continue to work in the game and film industry during the summer.

So we decided to put together a one-day high school conference!  We’ve tapped our colleagues at various studios to come and speak. 

Are you interested in what UIW has to offer you?  Click the link below for Details:



Specialization Focused Education at UIW


Love bringing a character to life? 

Check out our animation program.  Motion capture, animation fundamentals, rigging, we cover it all.


The track for those who like to make things.  This track doesn’t just focus on geometry. 

To list some of what we cover:

Modeling, Sculpting, Baking,Texturing, World Building, Lighting, Rendering and more…

Programming for Games 

Without programmers we wouldn’t have video games. 

This track is for you if you like to think about systems and rule-sets.  Make something that has a function.

Production Management

Producers are important to development teams. 

They structure the schedule, coordinate with multiple disciplines and act as support to enable artists, coders, and everyone involved in the studio.